We engage in the comprehensive production—from development to manufacture and sales—of cosmetics and health supplements with a focus on beauty and health.

Our company conducts integrated processes such as the development, manufacture, sales, and distribution of various OEM products such as supplements and health foods, with cosmetics as our core product.

OEM is short for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” It refers to manufacturing products for the brands of other companies, or the company that performs such manufacturing.

Our manufacturing process

We can provide an explanation to create your company’s original products from zero. We get involved starting from the initial hearing to trial production, pharmaceutical application, packaging, manufacturing, and delivery.

Design for boxes, containers, and webpages

We provide total support, from planning to design and production, in the fields of both graphics and Internet

Wholesale and distribution

We distribute products starting at your e-commerce site and also at salons, drugstores, and other physical sales outlets.

Product types

We manufacture cosmetics, supplements and health foods with original ingredient combinations.