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The desire to always look beautiful and attractive.
The drive to always by healthy and have an energetic livelihood.
Here’s where those dreams become reality.
The new standard starts here.

Our mission is to
to provide reliable beauty treatments and healthy ways of living
that make those dreams into a reality.

Corporate information

We develop new items that are not bound by the conventional thinking of the beauty and health industries.

Engaging in product development that incorporates a wide range of views,
we aim to develop products
that make our customers’ dreams become a reality.



Technical information

We create products on a basis of
the knowledge we have built as well as the latest technology.

As opposed to simply making individual products,
we consider quality that provides safety and reliability
in endeavoring to create products packed with functionality.

We make use of the abundant experience and know-how that we have obtained from making products
in conducting the development of new products.


Technical information


Comprehensive production, which ranges from development and manufacture to sales, of cosmetics and health supplements with a focus on beauty and health.

Our company uniformly conducts the development, manufacture, sale, and distribution of various products as OEM goods with a focus on cosmetics, as well as supplements, health foods, and more.


Original Equipment